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Affiliate Switchblade Software is a Giant Array of High Powered, Money Making, Affiliate Marketing, Software Tools including:

Making money online is actually very simple: produce the highest volume possible, of unique, quality content that search engines and visitors of your content are going to love and make them eager and excited to click your affiliate links and purchase the products making you sales and commission. Affiliate Switchblade Software helps you create this content faster and easier.

Affiliate Switchblade Software for Affiliate Marketers

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Affiliate Switchblade Software has 12+ affiliate marketing software tools to do it all including instant disposable email accounts and identities, tools to hide and cloak and shorten your affiliate links, content spinning and shuffling software to make syndication of new content fast and easy, a giant hyperlinked list of over 50+ free sites you can create a free website or blog and post traffic siphoning content to, as well as lots of different incredible scripts I guarantee you do not know about and are not available anywhere!  See what else Affiliate Switchblade does.

NOTE: this is NOT a one time offer. The price will NOT go up in the near future if you "don't act now". Take all the time you want to think about it. If you have ANY questions about Affiliate Switchblade email me or call me directly (see below) .

Here are the 12+ High Powered Affiliate Software Programs ALL Included in Affiliate Switchblade

PHP LINK CLOAKER Affiliate Switchblade PHP Link Cloaker software box.

The PHP Link Cloaker software program built into AffiliateSwitchblade allows you to cloak your affiliate links to make affiliate links not look like affiliate links fast and easy.

Affiliate Switchblade PHP Link Cloaking has the power and flexibility to cloak your links two ways:

  • Single link affiliate link cloaking.
  • ID PHP link cloaking (cloak unlimited links).

Creating either of these types of PHP link cloaks is extremely fast and easy with Affiliate Switchblade PHP Link Cloaker:

  1. Select the appropriate option button
    ([x]cloaking single link. [x]cloaking multiple links).
  2. Enter the affiliate link(s) you wish to cloak.
  3. Press the Go button.
HTACCESS LINK CLOAKER Affiliate Switchblade HTACCESS Link Cloaker software

Have a lot of affiliate links you want to cloak and protect? HTACCESS Link Cloaker lets you cloak unlimited number of links and manage them all from one convenient location. HTACCESS Link Cloaker software within Affiliate Switchblade makes it extremely easy to cloak affiliate links this way.

One side benefit of cloaking links this way is the url does not even have to be real!

Using Affiliate Switchblade HTACCESS Link Cloaker to cloak unlimited affiliate links:

  1. Enter the url/web address you want your site visitor to see/click on (does not have to be a real/existing folder on your web server.).
  2. Enter the affiliate link.
  3. Press the Go button.
  4. Repeat steps #1 - #3 until finished.
FAKE ID + DISPOSABLE EMAIL Affilate Switchblade Fake ID Disposable Email creator software.

Posting lots of unique, quality content online is the secret to traffic and affiliate sales but to do this you need multiple accounts at free content and blog creation sites. Instant Fake ID + Disposable Email Creator software lets you create whole new identities with working, disposable email in just a fraction of second.

Create unlimited brand new identities (first name, last name, username, strong password, email)

Using Affiliate Switchblade Instant Fake ID Disposable Email Software:

  1. Press the Get New Identity button.
  2. Wait less than one second.
  3. At any time press the Check Email Inbox button to quickly verify new accounts created.
INSTANT LINK SHORTENERS Affilate Switchblade Link Shorteners software.

Shorten and cloak affiliate links without the hassle of redirect code. No need to log in to or visit separate link shortening websites every time you want a shortened link.

Affiliate Switchblade Instant Link Shortening software lets you get multiple shortened urls in about one second, each from a different domains for link diversity and better search rankings. Some of the link shorteners $ even pay you to use their shortened links.

Link services part of Instant Link Shortener software include:

INSTANT LINKS INSERTER Affilate Switchblade Instant Links Inserter software.

Instant Links Inserter software allows you to set up an unlimited number predefined list of keywords/keyword phrases and associated urls so your (or someone else's) content gets keyword rich hyperlinked with the push of a button.

Manually inserting links into your content is time consuming whether you're using Wordpress, your own website or free online blog and content creation sites and manually inserting links is not necessary. Think of Instant Links Inserter as content spinning for your links.

Using Instant Links Inserter:

  1. Add a keyword or keyword phrase.
  2. Add multiple urls to associate with that keyword/phrase. The more the better. Include urls to related content you have posted online, related pages on your own websites or any of the top ten search results returned from a Google search. For an even greater number of urls run each url through the Instant Links Shortener software.
50+ FREE CONTENT CREATION SITES Affilate Switchblade 50+ Free Content Creation Sites software.

Free content creation and blog sites like Weebly and Wix are used to create content with links that point to your main money or affiliate site. This drives traffic to your main site and raises its pagerank.

50+ Free Content Creation sites has a giant, clickable list of well over 50+ places, online, to create a 100% free website or blog. All sites in the list have a pagerank of 6 or higher.

Free online content creation and blog builder sites include:

  1. Weebly.
  2. Wix.
  3. Wordpress.
  4. Blogger.
  5. Google Sites.
SUPER ARTICLE SPIN SHUFFLE Affilate Switchblade Super Article Spin Shuffle software.

Article spinning takes an article or piece of content and replaces words and phrases with synonyms to mass produce semi unique content. Add article shuffling for truly unique, non duplicate, one of a kind, mass content produced with a single mouse click.

The more UNIQUE, keyword rich content you post online the more traffic your affiliate offer will see which translates into $$$. They key word here is UNIQUE.

Super Article Spin Shuffle replaces words and phrases AND mixes up the order of randomly chosen sentences in a special way that creates meaningful READABLE (not gibberish that does not make sense) unique content with the push of a button.

Key features of Super Article Spin Shuffle

  • Create hundreds of peices of content that are each 95%-96% unique - no duplicates.
  • Output created articles either spun or unspun (in case you wish to use unspun sentences in another content manipulation software program.
SCRIPT ENCRYPT DECRYPT Affilate Switchblade Script Encrypt Decrypt software.

Sometimes affiliate marketing involves using Javascript code search engines may not approve of. Encrypting it makes it so the search engine crawlers AND your competitors can't read it or understand it.

An added benefit of encrypting your code is encryption also minifies the Javascript code so your site load speed increases.

Use the script decrypter utility if you find a piece of Javascript code on one of your affiliate competitors sites that is encrypted and you want see what it does and perhaps, use it.

This tool can be used to encrypt or hide Javascript AND HTML code

Using Affiliate Switchblade Script Encrypt Decrypt software:

  1. Insert the code you want to hide/encrypt in the input textbox.
  2. Press the Encrypt button.
  3. The encryption process will take 1 - 5 seconds to complete depending upon the size and complexity of the code.
JAVASCRIPT EVIL 4 AFFILIATES Affilate Switchblade Javascript Evil 4 Affiliates software.

This part of AffiliateSwithblade includes incredibly powerful affiliate script codes you probably have never seen before. Here you will find an array of the most powerful, little known scripts that open up the true power of affiliate marketing.

The special scripts you will find here are the ones top earning affiliates are using but never give away or reveal to anyone. (until now)

These scripts allow you to bypass the sometimes limiting and not so perfect rules of search engines and allow you to show website or blog visitors what you want without a slap from Google.

Using Affiliate Switchblade Javascript Evil 4 Affiliates:

  1. Show one version of a webpage to search engines and a totally different page (or redirect to affiliate page) (such as the affiliate page) to humans.
  2. How to do remote JavaScript calls that remain totally undetectable and hidden.
  3. How to make others build your backlinks without them knowing.
STEALTH AFFILIATE LINKS Affilate Switchblade Stealth Affiliate Links software.

Stealth Affiliate Links software allows you to have your affiliate links NOT be affiliate links. In other words, if you want to create a link to Backlink Beast software the url for that link does not have to be:


But instead...


Think of the trust factor related to this. How to you feel when a site recommends something only to find it is an affiliate link?

Using Affiliate Switchblade Stealth Affiliate Links:

50+ PROXY SERVERS Affilate Switchblade 50+ Proxy Servers.

A big part of affiliate marketing is being able to create multiple accounts, which most content creation sites prohibit. This is easily circumvented via the use of proxy servers. 50+ Proxy Servers software includes a list of over 50+ proxy servers with varied IP addresses from around the world. Simply double click any of the proxy servers to instantly change your IP address.

Using 50+ Proxy Servers:

  1. Click Grab Fresh Proxy List button to download the latest, tested, proxy servers/IP addresses. This process takes about 5 seconds.
  2. Double click any of the proxy server in the list to immediately change your apparent IP address.
WEBSITE KEYWORDS STEALER Affilate Switchblade Website Keywords Stealer.

Most website blog owners name pages and posts with the long tail keyword they are targeting within the page or post name. Website Keywords Stealer software takes advantage of this by crawling EVERY single web page (even noindex, nofollow pages) on ANY site and extracts the long tail keywords, based upon page name, from every single page on the site.

Using Website Keywords Stealer:

  1. Enter the url of any website you want to crawl and steal long tail keywords from.
  2. Press the Steal Keywords button.
ASSORTED AFFILIATE TOOLS Affilate Switchblade Assorted Affiliate Tools software.

Find an array of useful, time saving, affiliate related utilities. Most of these tools you can find online but with Affiliate Switchblade Assorted Affiliate Tools you find them all in one, convenient place.

One of the most annoying parts of affiliate marketing and making money online is the tedious, time consuming, repetitive tasks that this utility takes care of for you.

Some of the assorted Affiliate Tools you will get to use include:

  1. Alphabetically sorting lists, such as keyword lists.
  2. Remove duplicates from a list.
  3. Remove leading or trailing spaces from lines of text.
  4. Ping multiple content aggregators and search engines of new content.

NOTE: this is NOT a one time offer. The price will NOT go up in the near future if you "don't act now". Take all the time you want to think about it. If you have ANY questions about Affiliate Switchblade email me or call me directly (see below) .

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