How I Instantly Nail Auto Complete Textbox on Any Blog or Website‼

This Page is going to Show you how Amazingly Easy and Fast it is to put an Actual Auto Complete Text Box on Any Blog or Web Page in just a Few Minutes without Having to Know a Single Thing about Code.
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YouTube Auto Complete? What’s That?

You know how when you begin typing some words into a search engine and a white drop down box appears underneath the textbox showing you various suggestions for completing your search query? Search Engine Auto Complete Example Well YouTube has an Auto Complete as well which is great for Affiliate Marketers. What is even better is you can Easily and Quickly place a Auto Complete textbox right on your own website!!

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YouTube Auto Complete Keywords Live Example

If you wish to put this on a WordPress site then the easiest method is to link to the YouTube Auto Complete Keywords page ❐ (opens in new window) in a frame which is what you see below. You are more than welcome to study the page and swipe the source code for yourself (a mention back to us would be nice ㋛ ).
The reason for the use of a frame to display YouTube Autocomplete in WordPress is because Wordpress is a real pain in the ass when trying to input javascript or jquery code as WordPress alters and distorts the code unless you use some sort of special plug in which is one of the reasons I absolutely HATE WordPress to death. To do this simply copy and paste the following single line of code where ever you wish the YouTube Auto Complete Keywords textbox to appear on your blog post or page.
<iframe style="height: 370px; overflow: hidden; padding-top:30px; width: 100%;" src="" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>

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How to Put YouTube Auto Complete Text Box on Your Website

If you have a regular, non WordPress site then you can simply visit the YouTube Auto Complete Keywords page ❐ (opens in new window), right click to view and copy the source code.

What to do with YouTube Auto Complete Textbox

I have not yet really put on my thinking cap as to why you might want to put this on your blog or website but I am sure there has to be some good reasons and uses for it.
How about leaving a comment below with your ideas on how to utilize the YouTube Auto Complete on your blog or website.