How to Completely HIDE AFFILIATE LINKS from Search Engines and Google

On this page you will learn a very sneaky and simple trick that will completely hide all your affiliate links from all search engines including Yahoo, Google and Bing as well as your websites Visitors.
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The Secret Behind Hiding Affiliate Links from Search Engines

You probably have heard the SEO recommendation to avoid the use of frames on your web pages or blog posts because search engines can’t read the contents of a frame so the content contained within the frame is essentially invisible to the search engines. You can read more about this issue with frames.
To see this in action for yourself visit this frames page example. This page shows how a human being sees a page with frames – no problem. Then see that page as search engine see it. In the textbox that says  Enter url to Spider  enter the url:
Url to Enter in Search Engine Spider Simulator
You can clearly see the content within the frame is completely missed. We can use this fact to our advantage to completely hide our affiliate links from all search engines.
What Search Engine Spider Simulator Sees Note the Spidered Text in the image above and how it completely misses the frames text.

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How to Use Frames to Completely Hide Affiliate Links from Search Engines and Visitors

The trick is to use the fact search engines can’t read frames content by placing our affiliate links within frames!!
Here is how it works:
  1. Use the following frames source code for the frame page (see just below). This is the page that contains the affiliate link. Make sure to make the following few edits to the code:
    1. Edit the  <a href=  to the url/web address you want the visitor to see when they move the mouse over the link. In this example we want the visitor to see when they move their mouse over the link.
    2. Edit onclick="' to be your affiliate link. In this example the affiliate link is
    3. Edit title=" to be what you want the popup or tooltip text to be when they hover their mouse over the link.
    4. Edit the link text to what you want. In our example it is Affilorama Website.
    5. You MAY have to edit <body style="font-family: so the font of the affiliate link matches the font of the rest of the page so it fits in, visually.
  2. Save the code below as an .html or .htm page. Because the page leads to the Affilorama website we could name the page affilorama.htm or affilorama.html but you are free to name it anything you want.
  3. Upload this page to your web server using a free ftp program like Filezilla.
  4. To use this as your affiliate link simply enter the following frame calling code exactly where you want the affiliate link to appear in a sentence. Here are the edits you want to make to this code:
    1. Where it says src=" you want to put the url of your affiliate link page you just uploaded in step #3. In our example that is ../example-hiding-affiliate-link-frame.htm.
    2. Any additional edits to the code will be for the purpose of making the affiliate link/frame appear exactly in the right position relative to the rest of the sentence. These code edits include:
      1. height:1.2em;. You may have to change it to 1.1em or 1.3em.
      2. margin-bottom:4px;. This setting causes the frame to be pulled down 4 pixels so it lines up with the rest of the text. You may have to change it to 3px or 5px depending upon what WordPress theme or website layout you are using and/or your websites css code.
      3. width:8em;. This needs to be adjusted so the frames width is wide enough to show the whole affiliate link but not so wide that there is an awkward looking spacing between the affiliate link and the rest of the sentence text.
  5. Once you have all the settings worked out the affiliate link page can be inserted on any page or blog post at any time by simply inserting the frame calling code at the desired location in the sentence.
  6. Create a separate Affiliate Link/Frame page for each of your affiliate links and call them, via the frame calling code, when and where ever you need them to appear.

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Source Code for Affiliate Link Page

<body style="font-family:sans-serif; margin:0; padding:0; text-align:left">

<a href="" onclick="''); return false;"  title="Learn more about Affilorama to become an expert affiliate marketer.">Affilorama Website</a>


Source Code to Place Where you Want the Affiliate Link to Appear

<iframe style="height: 1.2em; overflow: hidden; margin-bottom: -4px; width: 8em;" src="../example-hiding-affiliate-link-frame.htm" width="300" height="150" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>

Live Sample of the Affiliate Link Hiding

In this sentence I am going to discuss a great site for learning more about affiliate marketing called . As you hover your mouse over the word Affilorama there is absolutely no sign whatsoever that is an affiliate link.
The status bar shows the direct link to the site. The title text is also appropriately set to fully mask and hide the link is an affiliate link.
Although YOU can see the affiliate hyperlinked word Affilorama, because it is contained within a frame, search engines cannot. There is no way they can or will know it is an affiliate link and neither will the website visitors EXCEPT for a brief second, when the address bar of the browser reveals the affiliate link.

Step by Step Video Instructions How to Hide Affiliate Links from Search Engines

Although how to implement this affiliate link hiding strategy SEEMS somewhat complex it really is not all all. You are probably just not use to having to deal with code at all. This video will guide you step by step through the entire process of hiding your affiliate links from Google and other search engines as well as your websites visitors.

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Other Solutions for Hiding and Masking Affiliate Links from Search Engines

There is not shortage of content online for hiding affiliate links from the search engines. There is also the discussion of whether or not to nofollow affiliate links. All of the solutions present including php link cloaking, htaccess link cloaking and even the more complex and intricate solution of using a combination of a disallowed folder, htacces and redirectx.txt file STILL give clue to the search engines you are trying to hide SOMETHING.
This solution to hide affiliate links is something I just came up with recently. I often get my most innovative and valuable ideas, out of the blue, when doing my coffee drives in my Black and white striped Camaro.

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