How to Find the Most Watched Videos on Youtube

This page is going to show you how to find the most watched videos on youtube, meaning, not the total number of views of videos on youtube has but the most AVERAGE number of views per day videos have which is a much more accurate indicator of a videos popularity.
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Most Views or Most Average Views

This is a very important distinction. From an affiliate marketing perspective the TOTAL number of views a video has does not really reveal much.
For example, if you compare two videos on YouTube, one of them has one million views and the other video “only” has 100,000 views you would conclude the first YouTube video is more popular right? Suppose the first video was uploaded 7 years ago and the second video was uploaded one month ago? If we do the math, the first video, with a million views, gets an average of 391 views per day while the second video gets an average of 3,333 views per day.

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What Does Most Watched Youtube Video Have to do with Affiliate Marketing?

From an affiliate marketing perspective, videos that get a higher number of average daily views is worth emulating. Success leaves clues right? By finding the “successful” keyword relevant videos, we can examine them, looking at certain factors such as the YouTube video keywords, description, etc.
The hope is that by emulating what we can about the most popular videos on YouTube we might achieve the same or similar success with our similar videos.

Most Watched YouTube Videos

If all we want to find out is the videos with the most number of views and NOT the ones with the most average daily views, this is easy. How to Find Videos on Youtube with the Most Views

Software to Make it Fast and Easy to Find Most Average Views of a YouTube Video

A software program called YouTube View Crunch makes it very easy to find the videos with the most average daily views. Simply enter in a keyword phrase and a couple of seconds later all the videos are sorted by most average views per day to the least number of average daily views. A real time saver and YouTube View Crunch is totally free.
YouTube View Crunch Software Download.

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