List of Affiliate Marketing Websites that PAY PER CLICK!

This page will show you a list of affiliate marketing companies websites that will pay you for each click of your affiliate link that merely sends the referred visitor to their website. Many of these affiliate marketing websites pay you commission for sales on top of the pay per click payout.

What is Pay Per Click Affiliate Marketing?

Pay Per Click is similar to CPA (you earn commission if the visitor provides some sort of contact info such as email address) except all your site or blog visitor has to for you to get paid is merely click the affiliate link.

List of Pay Per Click (PPC) Affiliate Programs

Here is a list of affiliate companies that pay as much as $1 just for sending them visitors through your affiliate link without the visitor having to purchase anything at all.
  • EntireWeb: payout of up to .20 cents for each visitor you send to this well known, secondary, free search engine submission service. You’ll be promoting their free search engine submission service with a very high conversion rate.
    EntireWeb Pay Per Click Affiliate Program
  • Ajiboye: this company sells professional web agency solutions such as web design and marketing plans. Payout is around .10 per click.
    Ajiboye Pay Per Click Affiliate Program
  • Points2Shop: This one is not a pure pay per click affiliate offer as the visitors you send have to sign up with Points2Shop for free. Get paid up to $1.50 for each American and UK member you refer (After they have verified) on top of an exclusive three down-line referral level of earnings.
    Points2shop Pay Per Click Affiliate Program
  • ShareCash: get paid for uploading files. Get paid around $1 every time someone downloads one of your files as well as a lifetime payout commission of 5% for each person you refer. Files you upload can literally be anything that is not porn related or copyrighted. You could upload pdf, software, etc. If you don’t have any files to upload and promote ShareCash has thousands of its own files. pdf and software your can earn money each time someone downloads.
    ShareCash Pay Per Click Affiliate Program
  • CareerJet: CareerJet is an employment search engine that maps an extensive selection of job offerings by listing worldwide job vacancies in one database. Anyone looking for a job is a customer.  Embed on your website a JobBox, a SearchBox, a Search Form, banners, logos or search results using our API. Each time a visitor directed from your site clicks on a payable link on Careerjet, you receive a commission.
    CareerJet Job Search Pay Per Click Affiliate Program
  • Linkbucks: Pays you for linking to any site or page that you want. For web page each page you add to your Linkbucks members area, you’ll get a Linkbucks link that you can start promoting to your friends. Your new paying links will still point to the same page, but will have an ad type of your choosing that will earn you money. Each time one of your links is clicked you earn money.
    Linkbucks Pay Per Click Affiliate Program
  • PerInstallCash: Get paid every time you get a website visitor of yours to install something such as (Facebook chat in Messenger, Wallpaper Manager, ginoplay is, gotclip Downloader). PerInstallCash also pays you 10% of all earnings of other affiliate marketers you refer to them.
    PerInstallCash Pay Per Click Affiliate Program
  • FileStreamers: Similar to PerInstallCash and ShareCash, make affiliate commissions by uploading and sharing content online. The way this works is simple you upload files to our server then share the download links to the content. Every time your file is successfully downloaded, streamed, or unlocked you will earn a commission.
    FileStreamers Pay Per Click Affiliate Program

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Adult Related Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs

If you have an adult oriented website there are some pay per click affiliate programs for you.
  • LoadedCash: LoadedCash pays up to $6 per lead you send them. Not a true pay per click affiliate offer as the referred visitor must sign up with one of the LoadedCash adult hookup sites.
    LoadeCash Pay Per Click Affiliate Program
  • ClickCash: A network of adult related web cam sites that pays for each member who joins free through your affiliate link (called PPFS or pay per free signup). There are programs with other pay models such as pay per sign up.
    ClickCash Pay Per Click Affiliate Program

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Cautions Regarding Pay Pay Click Affiliate Marketing

While the allure of the pay per click affiliate is obvious (it is a lot easier to get someone to click a link than actually buy something) there are a couple of things you need to be aware of.
  1. DO NOT abuse this opportunity by sending bad traffic and invalid clicks to these generous pay per click affiliate networks. As you can see the list of these networks is small and shrinking simply because of the volume of dishonest affiliates enticing their site visitors to click these pay per click affiliate links for some sort of reward. In the short run you may see the dollars pile up quickly but it won’t take long at all for these affiliate networks to find out your are sending them garbage lead traffic. They will terminate their association with you and perhaps cancel any back payment owed. Not only that it is bad for the affiliate world in general. Even though you may get paid for clicks, you have to remember the sales of merchandise or services is still what keeps these companies afloat.
  2. Just like your pay per sale affiliate leads, make sure your pay per click traffic is pre-sold to your sites visitors so you ensure you are sending them quality traffic that will end up making a purchase.