Top 10 Blog Comment Software® Posts Comments of High PR High Traffic Blog Posts

Top 10 Blog Comment® is a Software Program that finds thousands of web pages and blog posts that are on the first page of Google search results that allow comments.
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  1. Enter any size list of keywords.
  2. Top 10 Blog Comment Software searches Google for each of these keywords and stores web pages that appear on the first page of Google and get lots of visitor traffic.
  3. Top 10 Blog Comment Software finds which of these web pages allow you to post comments.
  4. Visit those sites and post your comment!

“Top 10 Blog Comment Works and is Certified Malware Free”

Top 10 Blog Comment is available for download here or any of the software download websites shown immediately below.
Click the button below to download Blog Comment Software. For now, the software is 100% free to use with no limitations.
The download is a zip file which contains the software program and instructions. The software is install independent, meaning, there is no need to install anything to run the software. Just double click to run and start using right away. Top 10 Blog Comment Software Review from softpedia website       Email from software review website
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Top 10 Blog Comment Software Introduction

Top 10 Blog Comment Software was created to deal with the fact that a first page ranking for a web page, for any keyword, is more difficult than it every was.
Instead of fighting every other web site out there for the top spot why not just find the web pages already on the first page of Google search results that allows comments?
These web pages are already getting top visitor traffic volume for keywords because they are on the first page of search results.
Leaving a comment on these special web pages means a lot of people, very quickly, will be exposed to your comment and link.
Top 10 Blog Comment Software finds these web pages for you quickly and effortlessly.

Create your own Gigantic Blog Comment Website List that gets Tons of Visitor Traffic

A lot of affiliate marketers search for blog comment list high pr. With Top 10 Blog Comment Software you can easily create your own blog comment list with high page rank as all of the web pages, related to your keywords, are on the first page of Google search results.
There are no limits to this software so you can create hundreds of lists each containing lists of hundreds or even thousands of high pr blogs that allows your comments!

Blog Commenting for SEO and Traffic

Blog commenting USE to be valuable in, mostly in terms of back link building, meaning that, over time, as the number comments with backlinks you build increases, your importance, in the eyes of search engines, increases.
Today the back link value of blog commenting is much less powerful than it use to be. For SEO today, the real value in blog commenting is getting your blog comment viewed by the most human beings possible every day. A certain, small percentage of people will see your comment and click the link which will result in a visitor to your site.
Top 10 Blog Comment Software creates the highest quality list of blog comment web pages for you by create lists of web pages that allows comments that are ALREADY on the first page of Google and getting a ****load of traffic and visitors.

Image Slideshow of Top 10 Blog Comment Software

Top 10 Blog Comment Software Animation

Step by Step how to us Top 10 Blog Comment

Using Top 10 Blog Comment Software couldn’t be simpler:
  1. When the program first loads you are presented with screen #1 which is an introduction screen which briefly explains how Top 10 Blog Comment Software works.
  2. Press the Next >> Button.
  3. On screen #2, Enter your list of keywords that are closely related to each other. The number of keywords you can enter is limitless. You can enter one keyword or 100,000 keywords.
  4. Press the Next >> Button.
  5. On screen #3 is where the software program performs a Google search for each of your entered keywords from the previous step. The software extracts the web addresses of web pages that appear on the first page of Google search results. Select the number of minutes pause between Google searches. The default setting of 2 minutes is optimal. Press the ‘Find Top 10 Web Pages for Each of your Keywords‘ button.
  6. Sit back and let the software do its thing. Once the software has performed the search for all of your keywords and extracted all web pages a message box will tell you the search process is complete.
  7. Press the Next >> Button.
  8. On screen #4 Top 10 Blog Comment will scan every single one of the web sites extracted from step #3 and save the web addresses of the web pages that allows comments. Press the ‘Find Comment Blogs‘ button to begin. When the software has finished you will end up with a list of hundreds to as many as thousands of web pages where you can leave your comment and backlink.
The amount of traffic and exposure you can get using Top 10 Blog Comment Software is staggering, assuming the comments you leave are relevant, quality and helpful.

Additional features of Top 10 Blog Comment Software

  • Every step of the software program has a ‘Play Audio Directions‘ button in which you are guided, step by step, so there is no confusion about how to use the program.
  • The right side of the software features the latest free affiliate tips and tricks content posted online as well as a list of other affiliate related software you can download.
  • A program feedback window shows you exactly what the software program is doing in the background, as it is doing it.
  • Double click any of the web pages on screen #4 to visit them and post your comment and backlink.

Download Top 10 Blog Comment Software

To Download Top 10 Blog Comment Software totally free, 100% fully functional with no limitations click here.